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Good Cop, Bad Cop ¦¦ Kaya & Chase

Chase pulled out of his desk and stood up. Adjusting is shirt to his shoulders, then putting on his jacket as he prepared for another interrogation. This time he wasn’t alone, he was going to be working with Kaya. He was very impressed with her knowledge at her young age. Chase was pleased to be working along her side.

Chase strapped his gun in his side holster and left his office. Headquarters was strangely quiet for a Monday morning, walking through the building was like entering a psych ward after happy hour. The down button lit up as he stepped onto the elevator. As he stepped off the elevator on the ground floor, he glanced down to his watch to catch the time. Chase sighed to himself, strolling over to the interrogation room. He pulled out the clipboard and signed his name directly beside Kaya’s signature along with the time and date.

Chase walked into the room, seeing Kaya standing beside a desk waiting for his arrival. “Hey” He smiled, taking his jacket off. Then laying it over a chair. “You ready?” He asked, cracking his knuckles in the palm of his hand, loosening what tension that was left from the interrogation from earlier.

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    Kaya simply nodded, dropping the cigarette butt before taking a deep breath. “Put that out for me, I don’t want to ruin...
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    The Russian froze in fear as Kaya threatened him. She was definitely good at playing the role. Chase was impressed....